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Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto V's latest release can generate mixed feelings, given the disappointment from last year's Definitive Edition Trilogy and the numerous re-releases since its launch in 2013. However, Rockstar Games has succeeded in rekindling the excitement and luring players back to the captivating world of Los Santos.

Next-Gen Upgrades

Starting with the PlayStation 5, the audacious game of crime and chaos appears more appealing and engaging than previous versions. The enhanced performance and visuals are delivered through three modes, allowing players to select from improved resolution, faster frame rate, or a balance between both. Whether you're racing through the city in a sleek car, engaging in gunfights, or causing mayhem, the upgraded features are undoubtedly noticeable.

Enhanced Immersion

The PlayStation 5's DualSense controller significantly heightens the gaming experience, offering more detailed feedback for weather changes, driving, and the bustling city's explosive events. A unique feature is the police chase-triggered flashing red-and-blue lights, which are more noticeable due to the new controller's top-facing lighting. With substantially reduced load times, stepping back into the lives of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor becomes an irresistible temptation for seasoned fans.

Updated Graphics and Modes

While the new upgrades and modes significantly improve the game's aesthetics, they fall short in updating the outdated character models and animations to modern standards. They also don't manage to erase the awkwardness from jokes and narrative elements that have lost their charm over time. Regardless, this version is undoubtedly the best console experience of the game, despite the fact that most players first encountered it during the era of Microsoft's Kinect.

GTA Online

It's worth noting that the story mode, which is still a delightful experience filled with vibrant characters, inventive missions, and mostly clever, comedic writing, hasn't been updated with new content. However, the constantly evolving GTA Online has been refined for newcomers. The multiplayer mode, notorious for its unfriendly nature towards new players, now features a new career-building option and a more user-friendly interface, making it easier for players to build their criminal empire.

Although the absence of new story missions or significant single-player content is disappointing, Rockstar has largely done justice to this re-release. It may not be a compulsory purchase for those who have already explored Los Santos, but it's certainly worth considering for dedicated fans, newcomers, or anyone who's been waiting for the perfect opportunity to climb the ranks in GTA Online.


  • Enhanced performance and visuals with three mode options;
  • Heightened gaming experience with the PS5's DualSense controller;
  • Reduced load times for smoother gameplay;
  • Improvements in GTA Online for newcomers;


  • Outdated character models and animations;
  • Lack of new content in story mode;
  • Some jokes and narrative elements haven't aged well;

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