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TRS19 DLC - ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa review

4.2 / 5


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TRS19 DLC - ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa Review

TRS19 DLC - ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa is an app developed by N3V Games. TRS19 DLC - ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa was first published on . It is accessible for Steam, Other.

About This Content

The ETR 1000 “Frecciarossa” is a train, that lives superlatives: being one of the world's fastest trains, it reached a lunatic 400 km/h.
Being in service throughout Italy, the futuristic looking ETR consists of 8 coaches and connects the Italian metropolises with speeds up to 360 km/h.
The extravagant exterior design continues in the interior. No less than four different classes are available for passengers to choose from, fitting all needs and all moneybags: starting with a normal “standard” class seating, up to a truly luxurious “executive” class (only carrying 10 passengers at a time).
Our Pro Trainz®-range, synonym for highest quality, is perfectly extended by our new Frecciarossa.

Beside the sheer amount of details and functions, this train is fully fitted to move freely through the whole interior. This means, you are free to explore the complete train.

Bistro, standard coaches, premium and business coaches and of course the executive coach: all of them include every (and we mean: every!) single detail, set in scene with passion.

Built with the newest physical based rendering technology, this train is really showing the future!
Assisted by countless features like cruise control, train safety systems, manual door controls and much more, there is really nothing more to wish.
How does it sound to travel through the landscapes with 300 km/h? Find out for yourself! All sounds were custom built for this model.

Two sessions for the Sebino-Route are already included. This unique piece of jewellery, the “Lady in Red” is a must-have in every collection!

  • ETR 1000 Frecciarossa 8 coach high speed train
  • Up to 400 kph max speed
  • Physically Based Rendered
  • High resolution textures
  • Realistic materials including micro-detail
  • Fully accessible
  • Detailed passenger cabin: Standard coach
  • Detailed passenger cabin: Premium coach
  • Detailed passenger cabin: Bistro coach
  • Detailed passenger cabin: Business coach
  • Detailed passenger cabin: Executive coach
  • Detailed drivers cabin
  • Realistic animated passengers
  • Customizable passenger infotainment system
  • Customizable train destinations
  • Automatic and manual startup procedure
  • Realistic UIC train numbers
  • Configuration for Italy and Germany
  • Full manual door control
  • Nightmode
  • Working cabin displays
  • Cruise control (AFB)
  • Train Security System: Vigilance (Dead man handle / SIFA)
  • Train audio messages available English / Italian / German
  • Springloaded (Parking) brake
  • Electric and pneumatic brakes
  • Nose can be opened
  • Realistic sound
  • In-game help and manual
  • Two sessions for Sebino Lake route

TRS19 DLC - ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa

4.2 / 5

TRS19 DLC - ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa Logo
Author: N3V Games
Size: 2 GB available space

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