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Ventilator Shark


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Space Rabbits in Space Review

Space Rabbits in Space is an app designed by Ventilator Shark. Space Rabbits in Space was first published on . Space Rabbits in Space is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.

"Space Rabbits in Space (and everywhere else)" is a 2d parkour skill-based platformer adventure about betrayal, speed, hard love, and fun facts.
Played with one hand. On a mouse. Like we stated in the short description, it's good to have a free hand for various reasons.

Ninja-rope and jetpacks included

Description not needed. No DLC required.

Online asynchronous multiplayer

Like hot-seat, but dumber and not even similar.

Replay system

Watch, study, be amazed & curse while you watch the 10 best players (and you) racing through the levels. Another good thing is that you can see that they don’t cheat, they are just “slightly” better than you. If you still think they cheat, it’s probably a visual bug.


There is a leaderboard per level… and a “Nightly run” leaderboard. And a global leaderboard that combines all gameplay modes. And a leaderboard of leaderboards. Tl;dr - we have some leaderboards!

Input buffering

We reward skill, so if you buffer your input (before you land), you will get additional speed and jump power. If you buffer your input again, you will get even more speed and jump power!

No luck involved

Every time you restart the level, things will be absolutely the same.
Combine that with proper "analog" pathing and we have a skill-based race!

Unbelievable story

Literally. Broken English as an added bonus included free of charge.

Dress to impress

We have some questionable skins. Buy them with in-game gold. Gold that you get by playing the game. Gold that you can't buy. No microtransactions :/.

50-60 handcrafted levels

... and more to come. As a free update. If we don't starve to death and change profession. In that case, no more levels.

About Ventilator Shark

Ventilator Shark is a small (2 developers, 1 dog) indie game studio based in Zagreb, Croatia. Their goal is to create innovative, fun and high-quality games that all intelligent life forms can play. Even themselves.

They love long walks on the beach, holding hands with their significant others, healthy food, boxing, ping-pong and stuff like that. Platonically. Because their days are filled with staring at the monitors, in hunchback sitting position, creating games or feeding in League of Legends/spamming “What a save!” in Rocket League.

Space Rabbits in Space

4.2 / 5

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Author: Ventilator Shark
Size: 500 MB available space

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