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Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun review

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Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun Review

Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun is an app developed by Stumpy🐙Squid. Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun was first published on . It is available for Steam, Other.

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Kingdom Two Crowns will be expanded with post-release updates that will venture to exotic biomes across the world. On day 1 of release, players can journey to lands inspired by the landscape, architecture, and culture of feudal Japan. Play as the mighty Shogun or Onna-bugeisha, enlist the support of the ninja, lead your soldiers to battle atop the mythological Kirin, and form new strategies as you brave the Greed hiding in the thick bamboo forests.

We will continue to keep the feeling of exploration, discovery, and strategy alive in Kingdom Two Crowns with many more themed settings, each with unique styles and features that marvel the eye while changing how you rule the lands.

Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun

4 / 5

Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun Logo
Author: Stumpy🐙Squid
Size: 2 GB available space

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