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Gardenscapes is a puzzle game developed and published by Playrix. The objective of the game is to help the home of Frank Grimes, the titular gardenscaping protagonist, from total destruction.


Gardenscapes is a match-3 puzzle game. The player is tasked with helping Frank Grimes restore his home to its former glory. This is done by swapping tiles to make matches of three or more of the same kind, with the matches clearing away the debris on the screen.

The gameplay of Gardenscapes is divided into two parts: the gardening portion and the match-3 puzzle portion. In the gardening portion, the player is tasked with restoring the garden to its former glory. This is done by completing a series of match-3 puzzles. The player is given a selection of different plants to choose from and must use these plants to restore the garden.

In the match-3 puzzle portion, the player is tasked with completing a series of puzzles. These puzzles are used to earn money, which can then be used to purchase different items for the garden. The puzzles are also used to earn stars, which can be used to unlock new areas of the garden.

In addition to the main game, the player can also restore the garden's features by completing bonus levels. These levels are unlocked by finding hidden objects in the main game.


The graphics of Gardenscapes are one of the best in the match-3 puzzle. The objects in the game are all well-detailed, and the colors are very vibrant. The game also runs very smoothly, which is a must-have for a game that involves a lot of moving objects.


The controls in Gardenscapes are simple and easy to use. The game is controlled by touch gestures, with the player swiping their finger across the screen to swap tiles.


Gardenscapes is a highly replayable game. The tasks in each chapter are varied and interesting, and the bonus levels are a fun addition. The game is also relatively short, which means that it can be completed in a single sitting.


If you are looking for a fun, lighthearted game to play that doesn't require a lot of concentration, Gardenscapes is a great option. The storyline is cute and the gameplay is simple but engaging. While there are some ads and in-game purchases that can get a little annoying, they are not necessary to enjoy the game. Overall, Gardenscapes is a great choice for a casual mobile game.

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Author: Playrix
Latest Version: 4.2.2
Size: 143M

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