Best Games to Satisfy Your Witcher 3 Craving

Harper Lewis


Best Games to Satisfy Your Witcher 3 Craving

The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best role-playing games (RPGs) ever made. Its deep and compelling story, expansive open world, and fascinating characters have made it a beloved classic among gamers around the world. But if you've already passed this game or are just looking for something different in your RPG gaming experience, there are plenty of alternatives that can offer you more of the same great experience. From classic franchises to modern indie offerings, here are ten great games like The Witcher 3 that you should play right now!

Dark Souls III

If you like challenging gameplay, you'll love Dark Souls III. This action-RPG series is notorious for its complex combat system and relentless atmosphere, but those who dare to take up its challenge will be rewarded with an incredibly satisfying sense of accomplishment. Thanks to its dark fantasy setting and intense boss battle, it is no wonder why this game became such a hit among gamers all over the world.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age series from Bioware has pleased its fans since 2009 with its convincing storyline and exciting worlds with interesting characters. The latest installment in the franchise, Dragon Age Inquisition, builds on everything that makes the series so great while also offering some exciting new features, such as an improved dialogue system and a larger environment to explore. It may not have reached the heights of The Witcher 3, but it's definitely close to it!


Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is another classic RPG that needs no introduction at this point; released in 2011, it remains one of the most immersive RPGs today, thanks to a huge open world filled with quests and secrets to unlock, as well as some truly memorable moments scattered throughout the lengthy campaign mode. With support for mods available on PC platforms, this game continues to draw players even nearly a decade after its original release!

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game

Divinity Original Sin II

Another great example of what an RPG should strive for is Divinity Original Sin II; this turn-based, tactical RPG gives players complete freedom to create their own character classes from a wide skill set, allowing for plenty of experimentation as they journey through Rivellon, an original fantasy world full of mysteries waiting to be solved! Plus, thanks to cooperative multiplayer options, four friends can team up for an even more intense experience than usual, battling enemies or solving puzzles!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

After finishing 2008's Mount & Blade, we have Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, which offers more realistic combat mechanics, including siege weapons such as catapults, along with other improvements such as improved graphics, character customization options, and more, making it perfect for those who want something closer to SimCity than Skyrim when playing their next RPG game!

Fallout 4

While Fallout 4 is not directly related to The Witcher 3, it does have similar post-apocalyptic elements, as the game is set in Boston, Massachusetts, several centuries after a nuclear war destroyed civilization, leaving only remnants behind; however, despite the similarities, Fallout 4 places much less emphasis on narrative, preferring to offer a sandbox-type experience where exploration plays a major role rather than the linear paths of development as in other games, making each playthrough unique depending on the individual decisions made during any sequence of events unfolding before them.

Fallout 4 online game

Horizon Zero Dawn

Although it’s not technically classified under “role-playing game," Horizon Zero Dawn deserves a shoutout due to its immersive environment and engaging combat system, which allows you to battle against robotic foes using various weapons and skillsets at your disposal - much like what you would find inThe Witcher 3's monster hunts! This title boasts stunning visuals, too, so if eye candy is something important, then look no further than here!

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Set during medieval times in Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic), Kingdom Come Deliverance offers up intense sword fighting mixed with deep role-playing elements such as morality systems that affect how NPCs interact with your character based on their opinion towards him/her, making it feel quite similar in some ways compared to The Witcher series' gameplay style too!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Taking place during Ancient Greece, Ubisoft's latest installment into the long-running franchise brings forth an engrossing storyline coupled with exciting naval battles alongside intense hand-to-hand combat sequences - all powered by gorgeous graphics which make exploring this ancient world come alive more than ever before! Plus, unlike previous entries into this series, Odyssey features dialogue choices that directly influence how certain events unfold throughout your journey - making it a must-try experience if you enjoyed playing any type of role-playing games previously!

Wasteland 2

Last but certainly not least, Wasteland 2 offers gamers another post-nuclear wasteland setting but also adds a few wrinkles to the mix, such as retro-style visuals, evocative synthetic 80s music, and many other features that are often associated with old-school CRPGs (computer role-playing games). For example, instead of relying on pre-written dialogues between NPCs (non-player characters), conversations take place via real-time text boxes, allowing you to thoughtfully work through each possible answer to maximize the chances of getting the desired outcome in any situation that might arise, confronting adventurers with the desired. Adventurers throughout their dangerous journey across the states. Oh, I almost forgot about Canada, didn't I?