The Enduring Legacy of Super Mario Galaxy

Greg Burn


The Enduring Legacy of Super Mario Galaxy

It’s no secret that Nintendo games tend to have a long-lasting impact on the gaming world. This could be especially true when it comes to Super Mario Galaxy, which has managed to keep its presence strong over a decade after its original release. Recently, a TikTok user discovered an advertisement for the classic Wii game still up in their local GameStop. This peculiar discovery is just one example of how beloved this game continues to be today and proves how impressive such an old title can remain relevant after all these years. 

The 2007 title Super Mario Galaxy remains iconic as part of Nintendo's classic side-scrolling platformer series. With level designs unlike any other 3D Mario game before it, players were transported into a brand new world brimming with vibrant galaxies and creative enemies. The adventure was massive and featured dozens of galaxies full of exciting challenges challenging players with Power Stars needed to save Peach from Bowser once again. After conquering each area, gamers found themselves repeating levels in unique ways or competing against friends – ultimately making for incredible moments that have stuck with many people ever since then. 

It appears that nostalgia wasn’t just limited to those who experienced it firsthand; cafebtw recently revealed their local GameStop has kept up an advertisement for the iconic Wii title within their store window for almost 14 years! Even more remarkable is that countless other fans also reported seeing similar advertisements throughout different stores across the country – some featuring Sonic and Secret Rings or even older titles like Pokemon Snap! While most anime-style posters are usually replaced frequently due to corporate guidelines, there must be something special about these classic games if they still managed to stay afloat in spite of those rules – testament enough to how unforgettable they had become during their heyday. 
Super Mario Galaxy may not be as relevant as when it was first released, but stories like cafebtw's show how deep fans' connection to some of their favorite games remain, despite the passage of time.