Harper Lewis



Studio Gobo, widely known for their contribution to the development of large-scale games such as Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy, appears to be venturing into the creation of a new high-caliber AAA title as per recent job postings on their website. Insight into these listings has been brought to light by Gamesual, who noticed that the company is revealing a few aspects of this secretive project.

A particularly revealing position, the Senior Environment Artist, shares that the project in focus is expected to be a top-tier game that will be utilizing Unreal Engine 5 for its development—a notable step up from Redfall's use of Unreal Engine 4. Although Arkane Austin's lead, Harvey Smith, previously mentioned in a WccfTech interview that they would have opted for Unreal Engine 5 for Redfall had there been more time, it seems that Studio Gobo is not compromising this time around.

While Redfall had a mix of opinions at its inception, with Studio Gobo being one of the collaborators in its creation, the game has seen various enhancements post-launch, making it a stronger contender in the gaming market. Contemporary updates, such as the integration of a 60 FPS performance mode, have enticed players to reengage with the game and appreciate these essential improvements.

Studio Gobo's ambition for their current project hints at an endeavor to exceed their previous efforts and potentially set a new benchmark in the gaming industry. Their job listings subtly suggest an ambition to blend artistic finesse and compelling narratives with cutting-edge technology, with one specific posting highlighting the intention to put an emphasis on technology suitable for next-generation platforms.

Although the inner workings and specifics of the game remain under wraps, the timing of these job advertisements may suggest that the development process is in its early phases, indicating that fans might have to wait a while before getting an official announcement.

Another detail, though sparse, comes from the Environment Artist listing that classifies the game as "a AAA console game." This warranty not only assures potential console compatibility but also teases the possibility of another collaboration that could result in an Xbox-exclusive deal. It is not yet confirmed whether Studio Gobo will be tackling the project independently or in partnership.

This emerging Studio Gobo project is shaping up to be a robust and ambitious endeavor, and although concrete details are few and far between, there's a palpable sense of anticipation for what's ahead from this seasoned developer.