EA cancels Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile

Greg Burn


EA cancels Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile

Electronic Arts, like other video game publishers, has recently worked hard to cancel projects and end the life of certain games. Following Ubisoft's decision to cancel projects and block network features in older games, EA has decided to abandon Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile. The developers announced this on the official website.

Battlefield Mobile was never released, while Apex Legends Mobile launched in April 2020 in India, the Philippines, and some other countries. The publisher had planned to release it in other regions later this year, but those plans have now been canceled.

EA has not provided any official explanation for the cancellations, but some have speculated that the move may be due to a lack of resources as the publisher is currently focusing its efforts on other projects. It's also possible that the cancellations are due to the games not being as popular as other titles in the series.

EA also recently canceled a project known as "Project Atlas." This project was supposed to be a cloud-based game streaming service. It was in development for several years, but EA decided to focus on other gaming initiatives.

EA has canceled two games and a streaming service in the past few weeks, and it's likely that more projects will be canceled in the near future. It remains to be seen what other changes the publisher will make, but for now, it looks like EA will focus its efforts on other initiatives.

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