Dune: Awakening - An Online Survival Game Reshaping the Universe

Mason Gonzalez


Dune: Awakening - An Online Survival Game Reshaping the Universe

Dune: Awakening - an online survival play set in the popular science fiction universe - is coming to PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 soon. Developed by Funcom, the game offers an alternative to the story known from the books, setting the timeline to 10199 AG - eight years after the events of the initial novel and the movie. In Dune: Awakening, one single change in the history of the series triggered an avalanche of successive changes to the universe, allowing players to meet many famous characters who were long dead in the original 10199 AG.

Creative director Joel Bylos revealed more details about Dune: Awakening in an interview with PCGamer. This game will give players a lot of freedom to choose which faction to fight for control of the planet Arrakis to support. Gaining favor with one of them will be a procedure enabling players to meet Duke Leto Atreides, who was assassinated in the original timeline. Additionally, players will be able to cooperate with various characters, depending on their choice and progress in the game.

The developers of the game, together with the family of Frank Herbert and Legendary Pictures, had worked on the play for a long time in order to find a point in the history of the series that could reshape the entire universe. This change in the timeline will enable the players to explore the universe through the eyes of a completely different story and adventure.

The game is currently in development and those players who would like to participate in the beta test sign-ups can visit the official website of the play. In addition, Funcom has already released a trailer showing the alternative universe of the game.

In conclusion, Dune: Awakening is an exciting upcoming game that takes the beloved universe to a new level, allowing the players to experience it in a completely different way. The game's alternative story and timeline also enable players to meet well-known characters who were long dead in the original version of 10199 AG. Funcom is currently inviting players to join the beta testers on the official website of the play, so hurry up and sign up now!