Civilization 6 Enthusiast Recreates Fabled Atlantis, Sparking Ideas for New In-Game Faction

Harper Lewis


Civilization 6 Enthusiast Recreates Fabled Atlantis, Sparking Ideas for New In-Game Faction

An avid Civilization 6 gamer has showcased their dedication by crafting an elaborate replica of the fabled city of Atlantis following the completion of their main campaign. Choosing to extend their play experience beyond the victorious endpoint, the player unveiled their Atlantis project online, leading to a vibrant conversation about the potential design of a playable Atlantis civilization in the popular strategy game.

Civilization 6 is the most recent installment in the acclaimed Civilization series developed by the American team at Firaxis Games. Since its 2016 release, the turn-based strategy game has engaged players in the art of empire development while pursuing various victory conditions. While winning the game is the main goal, many players, such as Reddit user MadZwe, opt to continue their journey for the sheer joy of expansion and creation.

Sharing their creation on the r/civ subreddit, MadZwe proudly referred to it as the "Second Coming of Atlantis." The gamer had pressed on after their victory, inspired to construct a city amidst the oceans upon discovering the perfect spot. They uploaded a visual of their Atlantis, showing that the city's layout focused heavily on renewable energy and residential improvements like Offshore Wind Farms and Seasteads. Yet, it became the staunchest bastion within their empire, notwithstanding its emphasis on civilian-oriented advancements.

The concept of Atlantis within Civilization 6 didn't just fascinate MadZwe; it caught the imagination of others in the subreddit. One user mused about the intriguing possibilities of introducing an Atlantis faction, suggesting it be led by the mythical figure King Atlas and feature unique aquatic enhancements, benefits, and a unit that encapsulated the civilization's aquatic essence.

On the development front, 2K Games has confirmed that Firaxis Games has already initiated the development of what fans are dubbing "Civilization 7." Little has been revealed about this forthcoming installment, but there is anticipation for fresh gameplay mechanics and perhaps the return of some features, like water-based cities, that were present in Civilization: Beyond Earth but were not included in Civilization 6.

Anticipation for official news or a teaser from Firaxis Games about the new Civilization installment is running high, with expectations set for a 2024 update. As the community awaits, players of Civilization 6 continue to engage in fresh campaigns and pursue the construction of grand cities such as MadZwe's Atlantis. For those seeking more control and customization in their city-building endeavors, the gaming market is ripe with alternatives that offer expansive creative options.